A Little About What We Do

Cou • ture [kü – tuer]: The business of designing; custom-made, created exclusively

Do you ever wonder what you’ll look back and remember about your wedding day? It’s time to find out.

Through a personal and tailored approach that includes five star customer service and meaningful concepts, Couture Consulting will design a once in a lifetime experience for you that will go beyond what the eye sees and into what the heart feels.

Because after all, the question should not be “if this will be the most magnificent day of your life” …but “how?”

Kristy & Katie are nothing short of wonderful. Their professionalism and creative vision are rivaled only by their personality and charm. With extensive backgrounds in the hospitality and service industries [with both The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings], they understand what a flawlessly executed event looks like - and they know how to make for a smooth journey along the way to that one perfect day.

It is so clear to us that these are ladies who work hard for their clients, who don't rest until the job is done, who put a fresh spin on creativity. We are amazed time and time again by how much these two put their hearts into the work that they love. 

–Katie Thurmes & Jenna Walker, Jenna Walker Photography